Our mission is to develop and manufacture technologies to further enhance the capabilities unmanned platforms. Incorporated in December 2016, we have released our first product line Reach System One (RS1) - a series of miniature subsea actuators for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV). Our approach to design is to be creative and test all available options. We continuously aim to improve our technology and offer feature rich products at a reasonable price. Working closely with platform manufacturers enables us to develop fully integrated solutions for the end customer. We are young, enthusiastic and full of new ideas. Contact us today to see how we could cater to your subsea needs.



"The Blueprint Laboratory aims to develop state of the art robotic solutions for pushing the boundaries of research and intervention in remote and hostile environments. It does so in a manner that is elegant, moral and driven by a passion for ingenuity and exploration."

SRS Fusion dual function grabber


Paul Phillips



Mark Sproule

Managing Director


With an honors degree in Mechatronic engineering from the University of Sydney, Paul as been working in the area of robotics since his graduation. He has played a lead role in the design of everything from autonomous surface vehicles to surveillance camera gimbals and brings a wealth of technical knowledge to the design and development of all the Blueprint Lab's products.


Mark graduated form the University of Sydney with an honors degree in Biomedical engineering.  Working for two large biomedical companies since his graduation he has taken on roles in research, product development, manufacturing and quality assurance. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge to the production and quality management of the company.


We have established our lab space in Makerspace&Co, a Non-for-profit organization which provides a shared space for small businesses and members of the public to learn, design and make. Members of Makerspace&Co are welcome to use our equipment during scheduled times which includes hardware to support electrical and mechanical assembly and tools for software development.


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SRS Fusion dual function grabber
SRS Fusion dual function grabber
SRS Fusion dual function grabber
SRS Fusion dual function grabber