The Reach 5 Mini is a leap in miniature subsea manipulation technology. Three bends coupled with a wrist rotate grabber allow for the end effector to be precisely orientated and positioned in 3D space. With a lifting capacity of 2.0Kg at full reach and a weight of less than 900g in water the Reach 5 Mini is perfect for tasks requiring precise positioning and unmatched dexterity on a small scale.



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Key Features

300M Depth Rating

The Reach 5 Mini is capable of operating at depths of 300m for extended periods of time. Each unit undergoes rigorous testing prior to shipping to ensure seal and structural integrity when operating in harsh environments.

Modular By Design

The modular design allows for an OEM upgrades and repairs in the shortest possible time. Compatibility between the various RS1 modules increases reliability across the entire range and allows for ease of customization.

We are looking for Partners

Small Size & Light Weight

Unparalleled in both size and weight the Reach 5 Mini provides a solution to a range of ROV systems. A standard external diameter of 40mm and weight of <900g in water allows this 300mm long manipulator to be fitted to a variety of manned portable vehicles.

Full Control and Monitoring

Position, speed and current feedback extends RS1 abilities to performing delicate tasks. Proprietary  control algorithms ensure accurate response and compliance for self-protection.


The Blueprint Lab is looking for innovators in the subsea ROV and AUV platform market to work with us in developing a highly integrated solution.



By working with talented academics in the field of robotics, vision systems and subsea intervention we look to push the boundaries of what is possible using remote manipulation.


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