Key Features

300M Depth Rating

Durability and reliability is a focus of the RS1 series. Each unit is tested to a depth of 300m before shipping and warranty period of 1 year is provided. Lifetime verification has been completed and a seal reliability of 99% has been proven under load and depth.

Modular By Design

The modular design allows for an OEM upgrade from single to dual function actuators. Integration specifications including mounting, software protocol, pinouts and external diameter are maintained making the upgrade process seamless.

Technical Specifications





Housing Material




300 MSW

-30°C + 35° C










The combination of our rotate and bend stage creates a highly capable, ultra compact pan tilt actuator RS1-2120. Configured with sonar, camera and/or lights this device allows for exact output orientations or angular sweeps to be demanded making it a useful tool for search and survey operations.  Compliance on both the rotate and bend stage may be activated to provide self protection against accidental impact.


Key features include:

  • Dual function Pan/tilt.
  • Small size and low payload.
  • Self protection (compliance feature) .
  • Accurate position and velocity control (RS232 full duplex).
  • 300m depth rating.
  • Compatible with a variety of cameras and lights


Configured with the RS1 Mounting Kit the actuator can be easily attached  to new and existing UUV platforms with an adjustable clutch for setting actuator orientation (45 degree increments). RS1-2120 is compatible with REACH Control software, a plug and play user interface solution.

Small Size & Light Weight

Unparalleled in both size and weight the RS1 series provides a solution to a range of ROV systems. A standard external diameter of 40mm and weight of <250g in water is maintained across the series.

Full Control and Monitoring

Position, speed and current feedback extends RS1 abilities to performing delicate tasks. Proprietary  control algorithms ensure accurate response and compliance for self-protection.


Voltage Range

Power (Max)











Torque (Pan)

Torque (Tilt)

Max Payload

Weight (Air)

Weight (Water)


Rate (Pan)

Travel (Pan)

Rate (Tilt)

Travel (Tilt)








60 deg/s

300 deg

60 deg/s

360 cont.

Mounting Bracket (RS1-1012)

A generic mounting bracket is available as an optional accessory. A V shaped slot allows for the easy mounting of a variety of different diameter camera and light units. If you have specific mounting requirements please feel free to contact us to discuss how we might be able to assist you in your application.

Mounting Kit (RS1-1010)

The Mounting Kit RS1-1010 provides a convenient way to mount RS1 actuators to new and existing UUV’s. A steel ring provides a quick change clutch for setting orientation (45 degree increments) or swapping out actuators. The standard mount is available as a right-angle with two bolting possibilities. Customisation is available, please contact us if you are looking for specific mounting solution.


Test Cable (RS1-1011)

The Test Cable RS1-1011 provides a simple way of getting your unit working on the bench. It breaks out both power and RS232 to an XT30 and a DB9 respectively. Once you are satisfied with your setup the cable can be re-purposed to wire your actuator into the platform.


Please contact us if you have specific cable requirements, we are able to assembly custom subsea cables in house.

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